Sales Coaching for Next Level Performance

A roadmap for the future will ensure you and your customers stay on the same path.

Shannon Kahn

ROI on training quadruples from 22% to 88% when reinforced by in-field coaching.

Your sales team is a significant expense and has the greatest impact on revenue growth. Therefore, it is critical your reps are receiving the necessary coaching to deliver exceptional results.

Leaders today must navigate the challenges of a complex selling environment, managing KPI’s, revenue expectations, training and coaching new reps while keeping existing reps focused on growth.

Often, tracking activities and metrics takes priority over coaching and upskilling sales behaviors that lead to more wins.

SMK Consulting provides much needed coaching to build high performing teams that excel where others get lost in the crowd, by focusing on three critical areas.

  • Anatomy of the Deal
    Messaging, cadence, audience, content and a game winning plan.
  • Maximize Face Time
    Customer meetings are too hard to get to waste time. Thorough preparation and debrief are often overlooked in favor of a “wing it” approach.
  • Analyze win/loss data to improve win rates
    Data from wins and losses is a gold mine for coaching to improve win rates.

We work with your sales teams to identify gaps in selling skills and behaviors, then develop coaching plans to achieve next level performance.

Sales Coaching is priced as a monthly retainer and may include in person workshops, priced separately.

"Shannon was a great partner to our team at KAR Auction Services. She listened to our opportunities and developed action plans and a strategic plan beneficial in helping us meet our business goals. Shannon is a strong leader who leads with honesty, transparency, and diligence.”

Ronald Wright, Sr. Director, Strategic Sourcing
KAR Auction Services

Don’t risk losing a single key account.

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