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Shannon Kahn

As many as two-thirds of CEO’s report their sales and marketing teams do not coordinate well or not at all, and only 10% of said teams are satisfied with sale lead quality.

  • Enterprise leaders are unaware of the gap
  • Nobody owns alignment
  • Complexity has increased
  • Activity is mistaken for progress

This deep disconnect between sales and marketing erodes trust and is the number one reason organizations see their revenue stagnate or decline.

Integrated sales and marketing teams gain a significant competitive advantage! Working together, they achieve these exceptional results.

  • 67% more efficient at closing deals
  • 36% higher customer satisfaction
  • 27% faster profit growth

This disconnect is an age-old problem and leaders often don’t know where to start.

Sales and Marketing Alignment is priced as a fixed fee for the initial engagement followed by a one-day workshop, priced separately.

"Shannon provided RMI with a roadmap to upgrade (improve, change) our sales process. Her diligence and strength in analyzing current processes and thoroughly documenting areas of improvement was exceptional. Shannon developed trust with the team and provided direct and helpful feedback to invite and encourage change." 

Molly Fitch, Vice President of Human Resources
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