Fractional CSO:
Sales Advisor

We debate and listen to learn, not to win.

Shannon Kahn

Sales powers your staffing company’s growth.

You have salespeople. You may have an entire sales team, a prospect pipeline, and a CRM. But are these resources meeting your sales, profit, and revenue growth goals?

SMK Consulting’s Fractional CSO and Sales Advisor services can help you reimagine, refocus, and revitalize your sales program with solid go-to-market strategies aligned with your business.  

Our objective advice and ongoing counsel, integrated with your team, can move your sales process beyond the status quo and toward sustainable growth.

How it works

Whether you’re looking for an interim sales leader or additional resources to support your team, we can help. We want your salespeople to win.

When you retain SMK’s Fractional CSO and Sales Advisor services, we will challenge current ways of thinking in a productive way, keenly listen, and bring 30+ years of sales leadership experience to your company.

We’ll examine your current sales structure, strategies, processes, compensation and account history, helping you come away with a fresh, scalable approach that will stand the test of time.

Sales Advisor: retained expertise agreements start at a 6-month engagement.

“Shannon has a unique way of thinking that I would refer to as 'intellectually ambidextrous.' She is a leader in sales strategy. More than that, she applies her intelligence to solve real-world staffing problems, like process improvement, recruitment, operations, M&A and P&L management, in a way that is easy for others to understand and act on. Her calm, intentional approach leads her team to deliver results.”

Sean Ebner, Group President
Ingenovis Health

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