Key Account Growth

A roadmap for the future will ensure you and your customers stay on the same path.

Shannon Kahn

Find New Ways to Grow

Once the account is won, customer communication often focuses on the past, rather than future opportunities. That’s not a recipe for growth or a hedge against customer turnover.

Key account relationships need to be continuously nurtured and protected. The most productive conversations are thoughtfully planned and insightful. They assess the health of the relationship and explore options for expanding business.

At SMK Consulting, we think it’s time to shift how you manage and grow key accounts.

How it Works

P.R.E.P. is our proprietary system for identifying high-potential key accounts and building a growth strategy for each with expansive, forward-looking planning sessions that activate key account growth and build barriers to exit.

SMK Consulting will apply the P.R.E.P. process to an intensive review of your key accounts. We’ll then use the outcomes of that review to help your salespeople build plans to activate key account growth and conduct proactive planning sessions that deliver real value–to the customer and to your staffing company.


Where is the customer going?
What can we do to help them get there?


What are the current relationships?
How can they be strengthened?


What is the customer’s expansion plan?
Where can we add value?


What is the cost of staffing service vs. your pricing strategy?
How does the customer measure profitability?

P.R.E.P. is available for purchase on a per-account basis.

"Shannon was a great partner to our team at KAR Auction Services. She listened to our opportunities and developed action plans and a strategic plan beneficial in helping us meet our business goals. Shannon is a strong leader who leads with honesty, transparency, and diligence.”

Ronald Wright, Sr. Director, Strategic Sourcing
KAR Auction Services

Don’t risk losing a single key account.

Get P.R.E.P.’ared with SMK Consulting.

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