Measured Impact

We believe there is beauty in simplicity.

Shannon Kahn

Your staffing company wants to grow.

It’s imperative for the long-term success of your firm, customers, and employees. Choosing what to focus on is the difficult part.

  • What tactics will have the most impact?
  • Which customers have the most potential?
  • Where should resources be invested for the greatest return?

We’ve seen sales teams become paralyzed with dozens of initiatives. We’ve seen others that zero-in on a few tactics that turn out to be off-target. We’ve also seen sales teams focus on activities that are in conflict or competition with recruiting and operations.

At SMK Consulting, we believe the most effective sales strategies are simple and focused.

How it Works

We invented the Breakthrough system to help staffing companies analyze, measure and score sales opportunities then narrow their focus to the two or three initiatives that will have the greatest impact.

Breakthrough ranks opportunities by degree of interest, degree of difficulty, and degree of impact, then aligns the organization around what it can tackle to improve efficiency and achieve its business goals.

With Breakthrough, your company will:

  • Maximize opportunities with key accounts
  • Use scarce resources in the most effective way
  • Establish clear action items and deliverables
  • Improve communication and collaboration between departments
  • Retain the most profitable customers and acquire those with the highest potential

Breakthrough is priced on a per-engagement basis.

"Shannon provided RMI with a roadmap to upgrade (improve, change) our sales process. Her diligence and strength in analyzing current processes and thoroughly documenting areas of improvement was exceptional.  Shannon developed trust with the team and provided direct and helpful feedback to invite and encourage change." 

Molly Fitch, Vice President of Human Resources
RMI Solutions

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